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Chimney Sweeping

Jeffrey L. Decker: is a fireplace, stove, and chimney installation and service professional, with over 30 years of industry experience, as well as, gutter and dryer vent cleaning, who services Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Jeffrey L. Decker has extensive experience with, but not limited to, chimney repairs, liners, chimney caps, chase covers, dryer vent, and gutter cleaning, as well as the installation, operation, and maintenance of multi-fuel burning stoves, fireplaces and appliances. Cleaning services include full fireplace inspections of the brick, crowns, flashing, caps, roof shingles, lining, and firebox. Offices are located in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Also, with extensive experience within the construction field in many aspects! Call to find out just what else we might be able to assist you with.

24-hour emergency service is also available

Ask about gutter cleaning and dryer vent cleaning while your chimney inspection/cleaning service is being performed, or better yet, when you call for your best money-saving values. Furthermore, it is possible while at your house birds may be encountered nesting inside your chimney. These federally protected birds are called chimney swifts. These birds, which look like bats, form nests, which can produce dangerous situations that might cause a chimney fire. Flammable elements like soot, creosote, leaves, and bird nests can catch fire. For your information, and have a wealth of information concerning these hazards. These sites discuss the venting hazards of carbon monoxide and that leaking smoke above masonry dampers can cause potential fire hazards. This is a great reason for waterproofing your chimney and installing screens or chimney caps.

Call Jeffrey L. Decker today for all your chimney cleaning, gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, animal removal, and chimney repair and/or smoke guard needs.


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Dick Van Dyke - Chim Chim Cher-ee 1,12 min

Mary Poppins - released in 29 August1964.Won 5 Oscars.Another 12 wins and 12 nominations

Lucky Sweep?

We get calls from various customers asking about the tradition of luck and the chimney sweep. Whether if it's from Bert (Dick Van Dyke) talking about luck rubbing off onto you when he plays his part on Mary Poppins or maybe the same concept is employed when sweeps are hired to attend weddings in England for good luck. Perhaps the story started when an 18th-century sweep saved the life of a rider on a panicked horse. To everyone's surprise, the grateful rider was none other than the king himself. The sweep had already disappeared into the crowd and from that day forward, the king declared all chimney sweeps as lucky. The 'luck' of the monarch then became the sweeps' talisman.

We like to think that perhaps it's not just luck. In the 3rd Century, there was a Roman Soldier who was a closet Christian. He performed many heroic feats including saving an entire town from a rampaging fire with one bucket of water. The emperor ordered this Roman Soldier to kill a town of Christians. At that point, this Roman Soldier professed his Christian faith and the emperor had the Roman Soldier killed. The Roman Soldier was named a Saint and is now the Patron Saint of all Chimney Sweepers as well as Firemen, known as

So when you have your chimney cleaned by a chimney sweep and happen to experience a little bit of good luck, maybe it's just a little bit of blessing from the BIG MAN upstairs thanks to Saint Florian and his courageous deeds.

Call Jeffrey L. Decker today for all your chimney cleaning and service needs.





Working Together to Protect Your Home and Family

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